Sajal Ahad Mir shares photos with Jemima Goldsmith and people can’t stop talking about it

Pakistani famous actress Sajal Ahad Mir is making her Hollywood debut with Jemima Goldsmith’s film “What’s Love Got to do with it”. His news was confirmed by Jemima Goldsmith herself that Sajal Ahad Mir and Indian actress, Shabana Azmi are cast in the film.

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Pictures where shared on the social media by Sajal on the set with Jemima and fans are so excited to watch the movie.



Shekhar Kapoor will be directing the film. There will be other actors showcasing their talent in Jemima Goldsmith’s film “What’s Love Got to do with it” including Indian actresses, Shabana Azmi, Emma Thompson, Lily James and Shahzad Latif.

Jemima Goldsmith herself has written the story of this romantic comedy film.

Regarding the story of the film, it is said that this story has been written and inspired by the life of Jemima and Imran Khan. However, Jemima has not yet given any explanation in this regard.


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