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MYOC? It’s time to light it up!

Have you ever wondered how aromatherapy works and what is it about candles that makes us feel so calm, refreshed and relaxed? 

It’s all about the combination of right elements and lighting up a candle can surely be an instant mood lifter. I have always invested mindlessly to purchase candles that uplift my mood, make me zen out or just envelop the room an a mesmerising aroma. Then I thought to myself, why waste so much money when I can make a candle myself?!! I know, I know, I may sound super cheap but what’s better than having your own customised scents for every mood and situation? 

Here’s what you’ll need! 

  • Wax pellets
  • Essential oil of your choice (Lavender for relaxation, Peppermint for refreshing the mind, Citrus for it’s tantalising fragrance or Patchouli to make you feel like you’re floating in the air)
  • Crayons (Yes, you heard it right. Add some funky colours to your candles)
  • Glitter (Because why not?)
  • Heat proof mould or glass 

Find a saucepan and heat the wax while adding a crayon for colour. Once the wax has fully melted and the colour has incorporated itself. Turn down the heat and add your favourite essential oil. That’s it. Once the mixture is slightly cool, add it to your mould and let it set for 12 hours. Voila! Your very own custom candle is ready! 

You can add glitter to the candle before it sets and trust me, they will lighten up the atmosphere and your mood way better than those candles you spend thousands of rupees onto purchase. 

This was my little DIY hack for today. Hope you all liked it. Make your own candles and I bet you won’t stop! 

Until next time. 

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