New in Fitness: Piyo Workout


There is a new workout routine in the fitness world; The Piyo Workout. While there are many routines to follow such as Zumba, TRX (total body resistance exercise), Pilates, Yoga, Cardio and many more. Piyo keeps you motivated and also gives maximum results.

What is Piyo?

This 8-week fitness program is a powerful and condensed workout which is a mix of core training; Pilates and stretching elements of Yoga creating an entirely new workout experience. This total body workout strengthens both your small and large muscles. It is also a low impact exercise and adaptable to all ages and fitness levels. However, this is like a cardio class which aids in burning calories and makes you sweat a lot!

The best part about this routine is you will not need anything besides a yoga mat! In Piyo, participants do not need weight however they incorporate their own body weight into a series of dynamic moves.

Benefits of Piyo

Piyo has a variety of benefits enhancing your overall well-being and enhancing fitness levels. The main benefit is that it develops flexibility and strength. It also helps to sculpt and define your whole body. Piyo aids in burning excess fat.

Moreover, it also helps to minimize aches and pains while we stretch using yoga poses which makes it super friendly for your knees, ankles and feet. This workout routine is ideal for people with limited mobility because it builds muscle strength and increases. In return, it helps to ease your everyday movements

Exercises for Piyo

There are a few Piyo moves you can start off with at home. You can include these exercises as part of a circuit you may repeat three to four times.

Downward facing dog plank


  1. Start with a plank position.
  2. Press into your hands as you raise your hips and drop your heels toward the floor.
  3. Pause in this position and flow back to the starting position
Runners pose


  1. Stand on your right leg raising your left foot.
  2. Bend your arms with your right arm forward and left arm back.
  3. Bent your knee as you tilt forward, pressing your leg behind you and switching the position of your arms
  4. Float your knee forward, bringing it as high as your waist to return to the starting position.
  5. Follow the same on the opposite side
Static Beast


  1. Sit in a tabletop position
  2. Lift your knees a few inches off the floor, raising your toes
  3. Hold onto this position, engaging your core for about a minute



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