The news of my upcoming TV serial ‘Baaghi’ has got everyone talking

The news of my upcoming TV serial ‘Baaghi’ has got everyone talking

From the makers of ‘Ek Thi Marium’ comes another mega project ‘Baaghi’, biopic on Qandeel Baloch highlighting the topic of honour killing starring Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch.

Direction is by Farooq Rind with a star studded cast which includes Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Kazmi and Osman Khalid Butt, with Saba playing the lead.

Recently, the writer of the biopic shared why she wrote Qandeel Baloch’s story.

“Quite frankly, I’ve been stumped by this question. While writing, I never thought why I’m writing it, that answer has always been a given: hers is a story that screams to be told. A small town, barely-educated girl with ‘grand’ dreams of supporting her family dared take a step outside her house. Dared. Now she’s a cautionary tale.”

“There is one thing that all of us have to agree on. Qandeel Baloch was not born Qandeel Baloch; she was made Qandeel Baloch. And whoever took part in her making, my story is about them.”

I believe Baaghi has not been written with an intention to reanimate Qandeel Baloch. It has been written to tell young girls not to give up. No matter how difficult things get.

Because remember, if you listened to all these men trying to bring you down, and telling you how you cannot accomplish anything else in life, remember what they did to Fauzia Azeem when she gave up. Remember Qandeel Baloch.


Fareeha Imdad

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