The obsession of “one” business in the whole city

While the western world is thinking about innovative and forward ideas to startup a business plan, “Pakistan” specifically the city of lights is planning to turn into the city of ‘CHAI’.

If the list starts it won’t end and the count number of my blog will surpass. Each and every corner of this city is filled with different chai named dhabas or cafes but  that is the same pathan ki chai. Initially there were very famous 3 businesses started which kicked off as a hit and that triggered our young blood to invest their little amount into it.

I believe that either you bring your own idea or not to invest for the same business which already exists and is quiet famous.

Who remembers the Frozen Yogurt business? ended up closing down throughout the city. One does grow into business of food and beverages chain if its different and innovative from the others.


What your business plan?


Hanish Qureshi

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