Overcoming negative thoughts  

  • Replace your negative thoughts; meaning that replace a negative thought with a positive one and cancel it out 
  • Be your own best friend ! Talk it out and release the tension it’s often “out of mouth, out of system”, even if it isn’t completely out of system, it definitely will make you feel lighter 
  • Write! It’s makes a great difference. Instead of thinking, start writing those thoughts on a piece of paper. Having it written makes it easier to comprehend and deal with it.
  • Look for new habits. Incorporating new activities in life will have you develop interest in different things and leave you with lesser time to have negative thoughts 
  • Have a maintained routine! Sleeping and Waking up on time plays such a great role and one doesn’t realise until they experience it! 
  • change your lifestyle, add physical activities and meditation in your routine. “To get out of your head, get into your body”

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Moona Laghari