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This Pakistani girl slams Rishi Kapoor for speaking against Pakistan

This Pakistani girl slams Rishi Kapoor for speaking against Pakistan

A Pakistani girl horribly slammed Rishi Kapoor over a twitter rant, while commenting on Pakistani players in IPL:

Following his tweet: “Sorry India. Tried to broker peace via actors,films,sports etc..with Pakistan,but they just want hatred,so be it! Taali do haath se bajti hai!”

There’s no doubt that Rishi Kapoor has grown many haters over time, however, within few seconds of posting the tweet, Pakistanis spared no chance to abuse him, where on the other hand, Kapoor seemed to lost his cool, ouch!

In a series of angry tweets, it clearly had hit on Rishi Kapoor’s nerve, as he didn’t back off, literally making them regret why did they even think of messing with him. But, Pakistanis are Pakistanis, whenever Indians mess with us or poke their noses in our business; there is simply no going back until we teach them a lesson; loud and clear.

Pakistanis don’t even feel the need to mock anyone at all, until of course, you interfere without any good reason. On the other hand, we also never leave a chance to troll Indians, and we pretty much enjoy every bit of it.

Rishi Kapoor over a tweet interacted with his fans, and made the following tweet, commenting on Pakistani players in IPL:

As a response to his tweet, a Pakistani girl Fariha replied:

Rishi Kapoor, while replying to young girl’s brutal yet honest tweet wrote:

To which, she replied:

And he replied, again and wrote:

Fariha replied:

At the end, finally finishing off the twitter drama, Rishi Kapoor, out of anger, blocked the girl while putting up a full-stop to the conversation.

A Pakistani girl slams Rishi Kapoor for speaking against our country!

After blocking the Pakistani girl, Rishi Kapoor made a separate tweet and wrote:

Keeping this twitter outrage aside, in my opinion, I agree to the fact that, Rishi Kapoor has shown how he wants peace between both the nations. Whereas, on the other hand, considering his fan following, he targeted Pakistanis and polluted Indians’ brains against us. And if we talk about Pakistanis solely, we would never do that. Period.

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