Is Pakistani youth indulged in the guilty pleasure of fake love?

Is Pakistani youth indulged in the guilty pleasure of fake love?

Has fake love and superficial relationships become the trend in this country? Can’t we suffice without being in a relationship with someone? It is quite evident through various means that love culture is rising among the youth of this country. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that love has become a source of temporary pleasure for the youngsters.

Why, How and Where? These are the three main and the most important questions to ask for. Why are youth indulging in this guilty pleasure? How are we going to get rid of this menace that has started dominating every nook and cranny of this country. Where do we lack in bringing up the future of this country?

One thing is for sure that this culture has been further aired by the media. Not only are we glamorizing the relationships, but we are also promoting the idea that happiness can only be achieved through being with someone. We have put into spotlight the idea of depending on someone, this is why we are getting into these relationships based on ulterior motives. The idea has been created that one can become emotionally attached with anyone with very little commitment.

What could be more unsettling than the fact that these kids are confusing temporary pleasure for love, which results in unfortunate and sad endings. And what is the result of this conundrum? Kids taking drugs, resorting to depression, likely to go through a severe trauma and some even lose the touch with their life.

There is still time to wake up and realize where this society is heading. Every night has its dawn, and every negative comes with the repulsion. Its about time we rise up and learn to separate right from wrong, love from affection, affection from infatuation. It is only then will we be able to improvise in morals and ethics ads a society and as a nation on whole.


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