Post Covid-19 World

15 months ago, the world around us completely changed. Little did we know that things wouldn’t be the same for such a long time that we would forget how our lives were before. In the last century, Covid-19 has been the most impactful disease that we have seen, affecting every country and every person within it. This global outrage has been uncontrollable to an extent that even the most powerful countries in the world became helpless at the hands of Covid-19. What seemed like a myth at first took over the world in an unimaginable way. Now and then we feel like things are getting better and then a different part of the world gets hit with a new Covid-19 wave, stronger every time. A new variant emerges, making us feel like our existence is in continuous danger from the pandemic. Every time we find answers a new question pops up leaving the whole world intrigued. Although the thought of a post Covid-19 world is a complete blur at the moment, we’ve got reliable predictions on what the world may look like once the pandemic is over.

The Dark Side of Covid-19

There are mixed reviews from people about what the post Covid-19 world may look like. One aspect of the predictions is that people would make up for all the socialising opportunities they lost during the pandemic. So many people got distanced from their loved ones. Only virtual interaction being possible through video calls and digital communication. It’s painful to not be able to meet your old parents out of the fear of losing them to this deadly virus. Often, people’s loved ones retracted Covid-19 and left them helpless. They got denied the opportunity to be there for their parents, take care of them, and console them when they needed their kids the most. So many people even lost their beloved without getting to meet them one last time or even see them before they parted ways with this world. The thought of this makes my heart tremble. The feeling of helplessness has kept people up at night wondering when this will end and a post Covid-19 world will emerge. Isolation and distancing have given so many people social anxiety. The thought of leaving your house, even for necessities, induces the fear of contracting Covid-19. Social isolation has proven to lead to clinical depression. The sad part is that so many people lost their lives without ever contracting the. Being lonely in times like this had a terrible impact on people’s mental health. Social interaction is the key to human existence. We exist to be around people, cherish them, and love them. Being snatched from social interaction proved to be fatal for so many people who had to isolate alone during the pandemic. This dark side of the pandemic is what makes a post Covid-19 world the need of the hour.

The Realisation

A post Covid-19 world would mean everything goes back to the way it was before the pandemic took place. But that seems improbable. We as humans have forgotten what life was like before everything changed. The deep-rooted fear of social interaction and retracting the virus may not go away for a long time. People have gotten so used to this way of living that social anxiety would be prevalent among populations. Furthermore, so many businesses have realised that there is no need to incur the cost of big offices as work from home has sustained the way businesses operate. People have realised that they don’t need to take long and expensive flights for meetings when there is a virtual alternative. The way we live and exist has completely changed on the grass-roots level and going back may not be an option.

How Will A Post Covid-19 World Be Achieved?

For now, the only way we can achieve a post Covid-19 world is through herd immunity which means that around 70%-80% of the population cannot contract the virus. The only way that we can reach that stage is through vaccinations. Higher vaccination rates will allow us to make the world pandemic free and give us the opportunity of having a post Covid-19 world. It is my request to everyone who is reading this article to get vaccinated as soon as possible. If you are not at a higher risk of contracting the virus, then please don’t be selfish and allow the people who need it most. We hope to see a post Covid-19 world so that our lives can go back to normal and we can live freely!


Salman Masood

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