Are Prince Harry & Meghan Markle getting engaged?

The handsome 32-year-old royal has been dating the ‘Suits’ actress for a few months after meeting in May, and while its still early days, it has been predicted that, marriage/engagement may be on the cards.

A source told: “That engagement is certainly a possibility. It could be one possible outcome. It’s pretty serious, so we will see.”

It’s pretty obvious that Harry is very serious about her and she is serious about him. Before all the dating thing began, Harry inundated the 35-year-old beauty with text messages until she agreed to go on a date with him after they met at a charity bash, and they have since been on a number of romantic outings and saw each other twice last month.

One of their friend said: “They are the real deal. He definitely pursued her and besieged her with texts until she agreed to a date.”

“They went out with a group of friends to Soho House in London in early July, followed by two dates, where Harry swept her off her feet.

The prince is said to have fallen “head over heels” for the brunette star, who was previously married to the film producer ‘Trevor Engelson’ from 2011 to 2013.

According to the sources, the prince is very happy but Meghan was going through quite a tough time with her previous boyfriend, and yet, she was very flattered. She couldn’t contain her excitement, but once she got back from London she became very secretive. It was then that it changed from them just ‘seeing each other’ to boyfriend and girlfriend. As the prince is “head over heels” and she feels the same.

Meghan has been glued to her phone since she found out the relationship was going public, on Sunday. Her WhatsApp notifications are never-ending and her social media has exploded. She has barely slept, was awake all night on Sunday. The truth is, she feels guilty even though it’s not her fault, she is so desperate for the relationship to work. And why wouldn’t she be? It is Prince Harry, we are talking about!

However, without any doubt, they make an exquisite couple. Wishing both of them happiness and a very happy life ahead.


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