Prince William & Harry speak about Diana for the first time.

The death of a parent is hard for anybody, be it a prince or a pauper.

In this case it’s not one but two Princes, William (35) & Harry (32) after 20 years have opened up about their mother’s (Princess Diana) tragic accident. For the first time ever, they are coming together in a new documentary to discuss Diana’s parenting style and the many ways she had influenced their lives. In a documentary called Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy being commissioned by the U.K.’s ITV network both of them can be seen looking through a private family album together that was assembled by their mother, recalling some of their most precious and joyful memories. The brothers had also filmed a BBC documentary called “Diana” which has yet to be released,  in which William confessed they feel that they ‘owe’ it to their mother to ‘stand up for her name and remind everybody of her character and the person that she was’. He further says “I think we let her down when we were younger,” “We couldn’t protect her.”



“This the first time we have spoken about her as a mother” says Harry as him and his brother look at the photos. The brothers give a look in to the life of Diana, in a way she has never been seen before, this is proved by Harry calling her “one of the naughtiest parents”. William recalls “She was very informal and really enjoyed the laughter and the fun,” “She understood that there was a real life outside of Palace walls.” I personally believe this documentary will give a fresh perspective on the woman known around the world as the People’s Princess.

Jerry White, who traveled with Princess Diana on one of her anti-landmine missions, and Tessy Ojo, CEO of the Diana Award, will also highlight how her legacy continues to this day, while ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas will be talking about the woman who was so loved around the world. As the 20th anniversary of her death approaches, the brothers are taking part  in many tributes for their mother — including unveiling a public commemoration of their mother:a statue that will be made in her honor which will stand at Kensington Palace.

I truly believe there will never be another woman like Princess Diana, her charm, her elegance, her intellect are things to be praised, she truly was the People’s Princess.



Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

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