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The essence of love.

What is love? You all ask. For some it is the feeling of being cared for, cherished and celebrated while on the other hand many people regard it as companionship, stability and finding a best friend for life. 

The true essence of love can only be understood by those who are IN love. Our days seem to get better, there’s always something to look forward to. Everything around us just starts to make sense, lyrics seem relevant, the smiles become a part of our daily lives, the feeling of being wanted and belonging somewhere becomes more evident. 

This feeling; I tell you is just like someone has brought all the brightest colours to life and added them in your monochromatic world. 

It’s like you never want to leave this persons side, you want to learn everything about them, their likes, dislikes, dreams, hopes, goals, fears and thoughts. It never seems enough and with each passing day you unravel another layer to this person whom has been on your mind all day and understand them on a deeper level. The soul to soul connection is what matters more than the “I love you’s”. It’s more about actions than words and with each effort they make, you tend to fall deeper into the idea of spending your life with them. 

Your day starts with the thought of them and ends with the hope they’ll be thinking of you too. 

Everything starts feeling incomplete, not because you have someone there for you but because you slowly start to realise that is the person you see a future with, the person you want to achieve your goals with, someone who you can count on, laugh with, build with and go through this journey we call life. 

The idea of love has been tainted by all these modern perceptions of what it means to be “in love”. Love is never selfish, conceited or timely. It is an eternal feeling of wanting more for that person than your own self. Love is selfless, it is kind and it’s unconditional. Love is carefree and compassionate. 

It is easy to say I can’t live without someone but harder to actually like someone enough to choose them as a life partner. The next time you think you’re in love, don’t imagine how it would be spending your life without them, just imagine how it would feel to have them as a constant in your life and then you’ll know if they’re the one. 

They say “fall in love” Why fall? When you can fly in love! 

Until next time. 

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