Priyanka Chopra hoping to have a peace between India and Pakistan


Priyanka Chopra after sparking public outrage about her comments on the Balakot incident, has hoped for India and Pakistan’s relations to improve.

In an interview with BBC Asian Network journalist Haroon Rashid, the Quantico actor had expressed hope for the hostility between the two neighboring countries to ease.

Rashid revealed on his Instagram, as he shared a teaser of his podcast interview with the actor, that she spoke about a heartwarming exchange between a Pakistani British Airways agent and her parents that has stuck with her throughout these years.

“She talks in her book about her hopes for harmony between India and Pakistan giving a lovely anecdote of how a Pakistani British Airways agent gave her parents a seat on a flight when they really needed it,” the journalist said underneath his Instagram post, responding to a user about questioning Chopra on her stance on the Balakot incident.

“She said she hoped the countries could share such warm exchanges always. And you’ll have to find out if I ask her more on her increasing public silence when the full interview releases,” Rashid added.



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