Career developing separates the job holders


A large proportion of our life is spent in achieving our career goals; thus, it is very important to make sure that right steps were taken and correct career planning was done in the early years of your life.

There are very few lucky ones who are born with a clear mind and who knows what they want to do and where they see themselves in life ahead.

Pursuing a career is much more effective and hard working for a single individual as well as it requires more diversifying mind set.

The development of a comprehensive career plan is essential in understanding one’s interests, attributes, abilities, and values necessary to fit into this environment.

Moreover, adults find themselves reconsidering previous career choices as they develop new interests or as the job market shifts.



it’s a step by step attribute that should be planned before executing. Furthermore, an individual has to classify 4 interest of categories.

  1. Realistic (clear vision where do you have to work)
  2. Investigative (a wide research and analysis on the specific targeted business)
  3. Social (what are the target market, how it will be achieve and how to approach for help socially)
  4. Conventional (organizing and summing up all the aspects of having a successful career)



These are the majorities those who are aiming to having several experiences from different position in the businesses.

According to the up bring of these majorities they have a different mindset.

However, the society from which they belong are bound all together not to have single identity but switching position in one business or company tend to gain more experience for them.

And this is what they all want..!!

Lastly, the main difference between a career developer and a job holder is:

The career developer aims to achieve its goal and to become a well-known identity, which clearly signifies that being skilled in one specific compartment satisfies their goals.

However, a job holder come up with a different environment in which a person has a boundary which is why the way an individual think to get to the top is limited in that specific company.

So a job holder just focuses on its achievement to gain higher position in the company..!!


Ibtesam Paracha

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