The dirty “Rating” game!

Our drama industry has always been the most talented content generators, which is now changing into the race of “Ratings” for channels and the content running on it.
There was a time when dramas were made on innovative topics or something unique yet lying under the norms because serials, soaps, series, telefilms, short plays and sitcoms are viewed by mostly masses and these dramas effects their lives as same as the Saas bahu Indian dramas did back in the times. This brings a major responsibility to our drama fraternity not to just run after Rating baits just to gain ‘business’ or ‘popularity’ but bring better ideas instead of opting for negative topics in the name or raising awareness by following topics:
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Second or Multiple Marriages
  • Child Abuse
  • Honor Killing
  • Prostitution
  • Transgender
  • Rapes
Baaghi is one of the recent examples. Focus on content is required not rate gains so Wake up dear content heads, writers, directors and Producers before this full of talented industry turns into an ugly rate bait!




Hanish Qureshi

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