Realities of life!

What is the thing you’d do if no one would judge you? The world would be so much and in peace if people stop putting their nose in other person’s matter. But unfortunately, most people can’t live without it. They like to mess with others life.

How magical would your life be if ‘what other people think’ no longer stopped you from taking big action? But we can’t stop getting bothered by this. Because their way of thinking matters on our life. We need approvals from the people who are not even involved in the matter.

Make a crystal clear list of the people whose opinions matter in your life. Is it your spouse? Your best friend? Your mom? Maybe it’s only yours and God’s? This list is a great constant reminder.

Judgement usually only hurts if it’s something we judge ourselves for… Journal what gets triggered so you can start to do some work on healing. Happiest days in life are times when remove judgment from the lens from which view life. When we harshly judge people, things and events, we are rendering a negative opinion.

Begin to affirm who YOU know you are. Who are you? Who do you believe you are? Knowing importance of yourself is as important as nothing and when you start doing that, that’s the time when people start taking you for granted. In the world full of racism make yourself a space where no one can harm you anyway.

Most importantly, give yourself permission to fail. Because you are a human, and failures can choose you in order to revert to better.


Aleena Salman

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