Pros and cons of travelling Northern Pakistan via different modes of transportation


It is summertime and like every summer vacation, we tend to travel with our families and friends up north, because of the scorching heat in cities like Karachi, Lahore and several cities on Sindh and Punjab. Secondly, that is the only time where holidays stretch to 2 months. These reasons are enough to travel up north in those beautiful mountains and larger than life lakes, who would not want to drink tea in such beautiful weather, where it’s raining and the only thing visible are mountains and a lake. As easy as it sounds, travelling is not easy, whether you travel for few hours or take a whole day to reach a destination travelling consumes a lot of energy and time. here few ways you can travel up north, each way has its own pros and cons. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to make to effectively travel in all of these ways.


If you wish to travel by air to any city in northern Pakistan, for example, Islamabad or Gilgit, it is easy just get a ticket and you are off to your favourite destination however if you are low on budget, I suggest do not travel by air. you will effectively save time but the cost is losing money. Fares in the vacation season can easily take spike up to 20,000 per seat depending on the day you choose to travel. Additionally, the journey from one destination to another is really fun and engaging however if you prefer to save your time, let that precious money go.


Now, this is one of the best ways to travel up North in fact any place in Pakistan. Why is that so? Imagine you and your friends or family in a compartment, eating talking and laughing. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to travel. Travelling via train offers variety according to your budget. The railway system in Pakistan offers different trains with different fares. If you prefer to travel in extreme comfort, there are trains which are made to entail that specific need. Premium births good food and most importantly restrooms are better than local trains. However, if you choose to travel from economy class, then there are few issues you need to tackle, firstly forget about privacy. there is no such thing as privacy in trains, especially in eco class. people will jump to talk to you as if you are their lost sibling and those Awkward stares… those that can make any person insecure. The restroom? well that doesn’t exist. I mean it does but you know what I mean. Hence, make sure that you keep all your belongings close to you and trust no one except for the people you are travelling with, also eat less because a bad stomach can make this exciting travel a nightmare. However, travelling via Train is fun no matter what.


The most inexpensive way to travel in Pakistan is via bus, well trust me this is, by all means, the most difficult way to travel. Compromise your sleep, comfort, your hunger and urge to go to the washroom. because you just cannot avail anything while you travel by bus. But hey! the tickets are cheap and there are no issues in availability. So if you want to save money travelling via bus is the best option for you. However, in recent days, travelling by bus are getting comfortable, many companies like Daewoo and Faisal Movers have added premium features like beds in buses to make your journey comfortable.


This one is for road trip enthusiasts, calling out all the boys who want to or already have travelled via car or want to. well, families can also travel via car but it is not recommended. travelling Via road is fun it is kind of liberating for you. Also, you can have multiple breaks for food and tea.


Usman Ghani

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