Here are the reasons to continue SMOKING !

Here are the reasons to continue SMOKING !

If you can’t quit smoking even after knowing that it is not good for your health then you should keep your habit, but know these consequences.

1. Smoking damages your lungs, but getting hooked to a ventilator is one of the things you wish to do before you die.

2. It can make you infertile, but you weren’t planning to have kids so doesn’t matter.

3. Smoking gives you cavities, mouth sores, gum diseases, but you like to live the rest of your life without teeth.

4. It makes your skin dull and full of wrinkles, but you’re a fan of the pug look, so it is perfect.

5. Smoking is bad for your heart, but you don’t want to live long anyway.

6. It causes cancer, but you have too much money to spend in hospitals.

7. It can give your children cancer, but your children deserve this.

8. Smoking gives you diabetes, but you love vegetables and hate chocolates and sweets anyway.

9. It weakens your muscles and bones, but you’re okay being in bed all day.

10. Smoking harms your night vision and can cause blindness, but you love sleeping.

11. It harms the people around you, but their lives don’t matter for you.

12. Smoking causes ear damage and hearing loss, but then you won’t have to listen to people telling you not to smoke.

So are you up to this ride full of ‘mysteries under bag’ for you ahead, Smokers?



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