Washing dishes, dusting and other house chores lower stress, heart disease

Washing dishes, dusting and other house chores lower stress, heart disease

With the most recent study out in the market, washing dishes, making your bed, dusting, and other common chores will never be a burden anymore if you want to live a healthy and peaceful life. Apparently, these chores can lower stress, boost happiness, and protect against heart disease; so you’ll never be looking at that ‘To-Do list’ the same way again.

Dusting with a lemon cleaner makes you happier

According to a 2014 Japanese study, a citrusy scent is a potent mood booster. When participants spent as little as ten minutes inhaling a super-tart and citrusy Japanese fruit – Yuzu, they saw a significant decrease in their overall mood disturbance, which was merely a combination of tension, anxiety, depression, confusion, fatigue and anger.

Making your bed every day boosts productivity

Starting your day with a freshly made bed is a “keystone habit”, the one that has a ripple effect to create other good behaviour. Making your bed every morning is linked to better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking to a budget. Bed makers also report getting a better night’s sleep than those who leave their covers messy in the morning.

Cleaning the kitchen loses weight

A recent study showed that people with super-cluttered homes were 77 percent more likely to be overweight or obese. The likely reason: It’s harder to make healthy food choices in a chaotic kitchen.

Growing flowers and vegetables lowers depression risk

Study proves that gardening helps mitigate depression. Doing a new activity and being outside in nature can certainly help, but some experts believe that dirt itself might be a depression fighter.

Mowing the lawn makes you more joyful

There’s something to that grassy scent. Australian researchers discovered that a chemical released by freshly cut grass makes people feel more relaxed and more joyful.


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