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Reasons why you should support Pakistani cinema over Bollywood

To showcase or to not – this is the issue that Pakistani cinema had been facing since a long time, post Bollywood ban in the country. Raging debates, spewing word wars, and erupting a lava of do’s and don’ts of film industry, Pakistani cinema and the earning came to an almost pit stop after India vanished out of its halls. However, the only thing that came good out of the entire situation was how Pakistani films bloomed with context of the promotion of local content and talent. But, the irony! We, Pakistanis, can never appreciate our talent & work and still find labyrinths to throw our own way while bragging to be big patriots. Wow!

If you think I am ranting, I definitely am not! What made me talk in this pretext are the people continuously defaming and slandering the masterminds working behind the curtains to promote Pakistani cinema. So, if you are still high on the power of BOLLYWOOD, let me give you four rock-hard reasons on why only Pakistani content should be showcased and promoted around the country.

We Are A Hotspot Of Talent:

Don’t let anybody convince you that we don’t have enough talent, needed to make out the best of resources. Pakistan is full of virtuosos – from Cinematographers, Photographers, Writers, Directors, to Actors – we are no less than any other country of the world. Nonetheless, it is a fact to be mentioned that we are not utilizing our talent to the best of its potential. If we truly acknowledge the young minds craving to reach apex, there is no doubt that Pakistani cinema will attain scores. Just little more efforts and every person with talent will get a chance to prove themselves on the big screen. Mark my words!

Our Cinematic Experience Is Once In A Lifetime:

Although we are quite clear that Pakistani movies may not have been a standout; we are sure that the occasional cinematic journey we go through are literally once in a lifetime kind of experiences. From fun-riddled ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’, reminiscent of teen days ‘Ho Mann Jahan’, to finally chest hurting comedy ‘Actor-in-Law’; we couldn’t control ourselves when we came back after watching these movies. Not in a massive quantity, but we are getting an enough cinematic exposure we all craved for.

We Own Our Stars!

Contrary to the popular opinion, the magnanimous amount of love and respect which the Pakistani artists get and deserve cannot be competed to the fame they get in India. Even though they may go and work in Bollywood, but the appreciation and esteem they receive in their homeland is incomparable to any other country of the world.

The amount of love and respect we shower on celebrities is evident through the fact that when Om Puri visited Pakistan for the promotion of Actor-in-Law, he couldn’t resist declaring that the intensity of respect and love he was showered with, was tremendous. There is no denying this fact!

Audience Is Starting Accepting Cinemas:

There was a time, when even after occasional Pakistani productions, no one was accepting the point that Pakistani cinema has its own worth. Slowly and gradually, we can see the big ideological change coming with people flocking to spend their weekends binging movies, no matter if the productions being broadcasted are old.

Let the reality sink in that we might be facing a huge loss in face of Bollywood ban, but there is no contradicting that this small-scale loss is predictor of a big future.

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