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Remembering 1947: Seven Indo-Pak partition based movies to watch this Independence day

The Partition of India in 1947 was a heart-breaking event in world’s history. On 14th August the western part of Subcontinent was declared as Pakistan will the rest of the regions having Hindu majority were declared as India.

During all this massacre many people lost their ancestral lands, roots, and possessions, but the greatest tragedy was the bloodshed that took place throughout the population exchange. This independence day you can watch these classic movies based on Partion 1947:

1. Jinnah:

2. Dharmputra:

3. Pinjar:

4. Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost:

5. Train to Pakistan:

6. Begum Jaan:

7. Earth:

So relive the struggles, passion and feels of Independence this year with these movies, depicting the moments that may have taken place in reality or not. Nonetheless, we wish you have a cheerful and happy Independence Day ahead with a much brighter future with the upcoming new elected government.

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