FHM: What kind of makeup do you prefer while going for shoots or any events etc?
SI: When I am at shoots, I let the makeup team decide because shoot is collaboration, a concept and you can’t decide whether to look this way or that. You can only advise them to cover up the irregularities. I personally prefer my make up by AtherShahzad’s team because I stand exclusive to them.

FHM: Your current favorite lipstick?
SI: I like nude lipsticks. My personal favorite is Angel by Mac.


FHM: Your favorite face wash? Favorite hair care?
SI: I use Gino cleansing foam and Elemis skin renewal face wash. For hair care I use Co Natural hair conditioner, it smells like coconut. My hair is naturally dry due to over styling but this product is magic. It really nourishes my hair!

FHM: How do you usually prefer your hair?
SI: My natural hair are curly but due to the fact that a lot of heat is used during shoots the texture has been changed now they are frizzy curly but I prefer them straighten up or a straight blow dry.

FHM: Have you ever experimented on your hair and completely regretted?
SI: Yes many times! Three years back I used to change my hair colour every three months, once I went red it looked so bad and to removed them I tried to dyed it lighter like a blond so that red turned into mehndicolour and then I dyed black.

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FHM: Tips for glowing skin?
SI: I won’t tell mine but yes the secret to glowing skin is happiness. For good skin plenty of water, staying hydrated is important and of course exercise improves your skin. At certain point, try to keep your skin bear away from all kinds of products.

FHM: Are you in the favor of cosmetic surgery?
SI: I am not in the favor or very supportive towards it but not even against it either. People have become more superficial and society has made us more conscious. I support cosmetic surgery if its justified.

FHM: What you prefer more vegetables or fruits?
SI: Definitely fruits.


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