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‘Salute’ paying tribute to Aitzaz Hasan releases today

'Salute' paying tribute to Aitzaz Hasan releases today

Aitzaz Hasan was a shining star who sacrificed his precious life in order to save the glow of many other homes. In order to pay tribute to the selfless sacrifice he made and the homes he saved, Shahzad Rafique has written and produced a movie that goes by the name of “Salute”.

The cinematic tribute to martyr Aitzaz Hasan is releasing today and will hit the cinemas, all across the country. The film stars Ali Mohtesham, Ajab Gul and Saima Noor in lead roles.

The trailer is a promise in itself that this movie will fulfill the mark that was set up by Shaheed Aitzaz Hasan when he gave up his honourable soul to save 2,000 lives. It is a testament that the movie will stay true to its name and will pay a perfect tribute to the young boy of Hangu who wished to join Armed Forces.

The trailer is a complete tear-jerking, heart warming and soul enlightening experience of the spirit of that young boy who is no longer with us, due to his enthusiasm to serve people and valiance.

Go watch the movie and reminisce the homage to this beautiful soul. We expect that this movie will be an on-point rendition of the real-life story. Till then, here is the complete trailer to watch;

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