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Identifying bullying.

In life, we may come across people that are toxic for us and try to overpower us by passing condescending remarks and try to intimidate you. 

Some people forget that we are not in high school and it is a reminder of those bullies that it’s high time to let go because these petty issues are not worth stressing over or causing another person pain. 

Here is how you can identify bullies and create boundaries to protect yourself from them. 

  1. Picks on an easy target, someone who is vulnerable. 
  2. Loves to take control of situations which is merely a reflection of their own insecurities. 
  3. Speak down to you. 
  4. Assert power or try to remind you that they are superior. 
  5. They always act like the victim. 

One advice that I would like to offer is; speak up! No matter how tough it may seem, confide in someone who can offer you immediate help and create a safe space for you. As a bystander, you can question the bully to remind them that you are aware of their patterns and it shifts the focus of the interaction. 

As a perpetrator, it is essential you seek therapy and start working on your emotional well-being. 

Find support and remember, you are no less than anyone. Infact, you may have all the qualities that the “bully” wishes they did. 

Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already. 

Until next time. 

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