Salute to DHA Administration!

DHA Guards & Fire Brigade in action.


Shop Blazed up with Fire.

Karachi: Today 7-12-15, around 12:15-12:20 pm shop blazed up with fire & people started shouting outside our office. Incident took place in a “Tandoor Shop” with fire bursting up like any thing & was uncontrollable. Our electricity fluctuated & we rushed to see what happened, we witnessed huge crowd standing just in front of  Sunny Medico shooting videos & pictures with their gadgets, no one bothered to help & call fire brigade. DHA’S personal guards were standing they made an immediate call to fire brigade & it just came with in 2 mins. They took over actively & that needs to be praised. I’m sharing this news so that our other concerned authorities also make themselves active & up to the mark, i can recall an old incident told by our teacher that when a fire brigade was called in her area which was out of DHA/CBC premises fire brigade didn’t come on time & they said we don’t have any proper equipment’s so we can’t come in fact our vehicle is even out of order. Other concerned authorities should learn from DHA Administration, salute to them. One of our correspondent: reported that the person was fixing cylinder in his newly opened “Tandoor Shop” & the shop was suppose to be inaugurated today but this worst incident took place.

I appeal avoid using Gas Cylinders always go for it’s alternative as it’s hazardous.

DHA Guards & Fire Brigade in action.
DHA Guards & Fire Brigade in action.



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