Sensitive Matters!

Many people are facing several issues in their daily life which they are not very comfortable sharing with people around them. Not everyone is trust worthy in today’s world. Our relationship with people does not remain same in every phase of life. So trusting them is not easy. You never know what can get against you and at what time. So making decisions wisely regarding this is extremely important.

People forget that No one should ever comment or say anything that may ever offend you at certain point whether it’s about your own self or regarding family. Someone might have opened up in front of you in a severely low moment and when someone opens up to you they expect you to understand their situation and to be there for them. They are probably sharing something that they have deep emotions about in their most vulnerable state of mind. Reality is no one understands and no one is there for you when you need them. It’s beyond comprehension that a human being can hurt another human being knowing how it would feel if they were on the other end. You might be in the same phase of life where you might need someone and no one is around you at that time. Think how worst it would be to be alone. We always have to keep this in mind that share less and learn more. If someone needs you be their for them no matter what but when you need them and no one is really around. All you need to do is turn to Allah. That’s the point when you realise that only Allah is with you. And you don’t need human beings that’s why always turn to Allah, talk to Allah and expect from Allah before its late because Allah will never disappoint whereas a person has the capability to disappoint and to let you down. Unfortunately, It’s a sad thing to know about this world but true.


Aleena Salman

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