Shahroz Sabzwari is all geared up! Talent never fades…

Shahroz Sabzwari is coming on your TV screens with a blockbuster predicted drama serial “Teri Raza” starring Sarmad Khoosat and comeback of Sanam Baloch in the drama industry. what else do you want? he’s everywhere……

Watch the trailer:

The upcoming movie “Chain Aye Na” might be a flop for our small number of Niche class but can be predicted as a super-hit for our masses. Here’s how:

  1. Even if its a bad trailer.. the movie has been captured by millions of eyes , they don’t need Promotions. Can you ever forget this in future? “CAN I KISS?”
  2. Accept it or not, the songs reminds you of the 90’s beats you want to cruise in this romantic weather.
  3. Although the movie has been shot on red camera, but the first look is still old school.
  4. Majajan was a BLOCKBUSTER HIT by Ace director Syed Noor so he knows how to make a “FILM”. Well i’m talking about larger than life frames!
  5. Sarish is Miss Pakistan, USA!!! and guess what? She’s a brilliant dancer seems quiet Pro in “Sara Lahore Nachda”

Well we can wish best of luck to the whole team of “Chain aye na”. One can only predict and not write Someone’s fate into their articles.

I myself did not like few things in this trailer as per majority of Facebook.


But there’s a world outside this social media which is vast.

Obviously there are some major things lacking but we can tell properly once you watch the movie, you never know what comes out.

Even if its a bad film, it will be entertaining and might give you a major laughing fit if you’re watching it with your friends along. So do not miss it!

Release date is 21st July

Watch the trailer and find out!


Hanish Qureshi

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