Shatrughan Sinha wants B-town celebs to talk about real issues instead of Fawad Khan

Shatrughan Sinha wants B-town celebs to talk about real issues instead of Fawad Khan

It seems like our chocolate hero Fawad Khan has taken all the limelight since the time he entered Bollywood. Everyone seems talking about him and praising him for his looks and acting, but there are some actors who are not happy about him getting all the attention. Shatrughan Sinha is one of those actors. He is shattered by the spate of mob lynching across the country.

“My friend Shabana Azmi has always been fearless in protesting against anti-establishment issues. I wish more from the film fraternity would come forward to speak up about real issues rather than waste time discussing whether Fawad Khan should or should not be acting in Indian films,” he stated.

He further said, “I strongly condemn the lack of urgent and immediate police action against mobs who pick on individuals. This is a new trend, and it is spreading across the country. If we don’t control it now, we would soon be staring in the face of utter chaos with the mobs deciding what we should eat and what we should wear.”

Without taking any names, Shatrughan said there was a need for stronger action against the mob attacks. “I am afraid the condemnation of mob attacks is a case of too little too late. We need much sterner action.”

Shatrughan says that he is a proud Hindu, but the actions of the mob have left him deeply mortified. “We are all Indians first, then Hindus or Muslims. The hapless Muslim boy Junaid, who was lynched on a train on the eve of Id was also an Indian. What crime had he committed? Who decides what is the correct way for an Indian to eat or behave?”

It seems as if people and actors of India are worried that everyone’s favourite Fawad Khan might takeover their industry.


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