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Signs your brain is overstimulated

Feeling agitated and grumpy? Does it seem like nothing is under control and you just want to shut off from the world? Do you feel like you seem super calm on the outside but there’s a wave of internal chaos?

It’s called over stimulation, my friends! 

  1. You cannot deal with loud noises and bright lights. It’s called sensory overload and stressing your system must be avoided at any cost. 
  2. You start delaying things and procrastinating. 
  3. Your ability to focus is heavily reduces and you are easily irritable.
  4. You feel lethargic and tired despite sleeping alot. 
  5. Everyday chores start feeling overwhelming and impossible to undertake. 
  6. A simple to do list seems unimaginable. 
  7. You are unable to process new information. 
  8. You start becoming forgetful. 

This is a sign your body needs a break and your mind needs to pause all functions for a while. This is so essential as you must recharge yourself to perform better and feel better. 

Until next time. 

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