A Simple Smoothie Affair!


Whether you are young or old, knees are your support system for a perfect upright posture. Being the most important joints in human’s body for running, walking and jumping purposes, one needs to take care of his/her bones properly. At times we don’t pay much attention to our diet and end up getting joints and other terrible diseases.

Kitchen is one place where you can find all the ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To provide great flexibility and support for quick and sharp movements of your knees we have a simple home remedy for strengthening ligaments and tendons.

Its ingredients are known for their effective anti-inflammatory characteristics, and are ideal for reducing pain. The list of nutrients includes high quantities of vitamin C, bromelain, silicon and magnesium. In addition to their inflammatory properties, these nutrients restore the overall strength of your body, providing you with energy.


250ml Water

7g. Cinnamon

2Cups of Sliced Pineapple Chunks

1 Cup Instant Oatmeal

1Cup Raw Natural Orange Juice

40g Crushed Almonds

40g Raw Honey

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Prepare the oatmeal, squeeze the pineapple juice. Blend together the orange juice, cinnamon, honey and almonds. Add oatmeal mixed with pineapple juice and blend them again. Serve with ice cubes and enjoy the healthy smoothie.



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