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Styling Tricks Women with Flat Hair Need to Know

People are always complementing you when they see your flat hair, they thinks its easy to style and handle. But many people with this hair type will tell you that it can be difficult to hold curls or add natural-looking volume and no one wants droopy, limp hair halfway through the day.

But people having flat hair get bored of the same old styles and texture of their hairs, so here we are suggesting you some tricks to style your hairs and add texture and volume to it.

Styling Tricks:

Never apply conditioner to your scalp:

Any time you wet your hair you should use conditioner. But only from mid-length to the ends. Since you’re opening up your cuticle, your hair needs the nourishment. But putting it on the roots will just make you look greasy and limp within a few hours.

Blow-dry to activate volumizing products:

You may be tempted to skip the blow dryer, especially if your fine hair dries straight and smooth. But if you skip blow drying, your volumizing work will all be for no reason. With almost all volumizers you need to use a blow dryer with heat to activate them.

Get acquainted with a good dry shampoo:

To get a better hold and long-lasting volume using dry shampoo over hairspray. Instead of spraying and then brushing out like you would to absorb oil, leave it be. He explains, If you leave it in there, the powder and starch will literally build on each other.

Spray products into your hands first to add extra texture:

Spray it into the palm of your hand, dab fingers in it, and work it into your strands to add distinct texture.

Backcomb hair at the crown to get more height:

Lift hair in small sections, backcomb each section two or three times using a fine-tooth plastic comb, spray with dry shampoo, and then comb the hair down on top lightly to smooth it out and hide the teasing.

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