Suicide is not a solution

Suicide isn’t a solution. Life is exceptionally excellent either in case you’re are in a tough situation or at the pinnacle of bliss. Each stage has its own magnificence and each stage gives us a long-lasting exercise. It is actually the case that there comes a truly tough time in one’s life when each entryway appears to be shut for him/her. Yet, one can discover an answer to conquering that trouble in the event that he/she acts hopefully. For the most part, it occurs in high school and one fails to remember his/her reality and indiscriminately follows compelling feelings that come as a primary concern on that exact second. Unquestionably, when an individual indiscriminately follows such neglectful psyche, obviously, the outcome will be exceptionally surprising and this is the second when we douse the enlightenment of our life.

Life is exceptionally delightful, that one can’t envision without going through profound encounters of difficulties. In case one is in a difficult situation today, he needs to remember one thing that each start has an end, so he needs to keep persistence.

At the point when we have an on Chitral, we see suicide cases expanding on an everyday basis. Consistently, very nearly 15 individuals end it all, and a larger part of them are ladies. This is without a doubt a disturbing second for the inhabitants and appropriate drives should be taken to defeat the issue. It’s undeniably true’s that this demonstration is sufficient to annihilate such countless lives. Our organization needs to chip away at this and tackle the issue.

However, here ascents an inquiry that on the off chance that one endeavors suicide does he/she think that it is the solitary answer for the issue? The appropriate response is certainly No?

Obviously, this isn’t the best approach to deal with issues and this isn’t the best approach to battle with good and bad times of life. Even in the wake of getting such a lot of schooling, in the wake of paying attention to or observing such countless persuasive addresses, on the off chance that one actually endeavors suicide, it implies he/she is a washout nothing else, in light of the fact that that individual doesn’t dare to battle, doesn’t have confidence in him/herself. He/she thinks if a disappointment or something different occurs, how could he/she face individuals’ remarks which seem like he/she is carrying on with individuals’ life, rather than zeroing in on oneself and one’s family. This remaining parts the casualties’ concentration to consider over and over that “what will individuals say?”

This short sentence has demolished such countless lives, yet it seems like, it isn’t the sentence, rather it is one’s neglectful brain that obliterates a daily existence.

These are the good and bad times, which we call life. Assuming one doesn’t confront troubles, how might he/she comes to think about the worth of joy.

We have seen such countless young ladies who were even assaulted and they are as yet alive on the grounds that they realize that in the event that they endeavored suicide with the exception of their cases being shut nothing will occur and the culprits will get an advantage from it.

By and by, I’m an observer to such countless CSS/PMS hopefuls who invested their valuable energy and neglected to get past however are as yet alive and are carrying on with great lives. Snapshots of flopping in CSS/PMS, clinical/designing tests are not the nightfall of life. Aside from these, there are so many fields, where people can and are allowed to show up.

I don’t have a clue why I feel like it’s turning into a pattern in our space that on the off chance that somebody comes up short in a subject or scores fewer stamps, he/she needs approaches to manage it aside from endeavoring suicide.

This isn’t the best approach to deal with issues. Envision, assuming we lose at least 15 individuals in a year, we need to sit tight for a holocaust, which will adversely influence the entire society. Thus, what we need to center is; life is so excellent, which never has the right to be disappeared the manner in which we see.

Suicide ought not to be the arrangement and it’s not the arrangement.

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