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Minare Pakistan Incident: How did you save the girl? The police officer described the situation

Talking to ARY News correspondent Babar Khan, Zaman Qureshi said that it took 30 minutes to reach the stage from Minar Pakistan Gate. As per his observation, he evaluated that there was a crowd of over 500 to 700 men out there at that time.

“When we arrived, the girl had her clothes torn off and was in a semi-conscious condition,” Zaman Qureshi said.

Ayesha Akram was suddenly attacked by a savage mob while making a tick talk video in Lahore Greater Iqbal Park on August 14, the victim told ARY News. Ayesha said that she had never imagined that she would not be safe in her own city. 

The victim said that she had made a clip that 400 to 500 people attacked her. She said that she had 10 to 12 companions with her, however the crowd separated them all and pulled her in the crowd. She further added, “I was tortured, I was not wearing any nude clothes, I was in proper clothes, I was repeatedly thrown in the air, I don’t know what is my fault.”

“I had no idea it would happen. I still can’t believe it happened to me. It was a sign of helplessness to pray for death,” she said.

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