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Sweaty scalps can cause a few problems

In summer you get sweaty easily due to your daily activities, from scalp to body you get sweat.

When you work out or do your day to day activity, you sweat, while its good to get sweat but,  it can lead to less than certain skin conditions, including scalp acne. Our bodies like to be balanced. When we sweat, it’s our body’s way of regulating the changes that threw it off balance. Sweat is not bad for the body; in fact, it’s necessary, But sitting in sweaty hair traps bacteria against the scalp.

Detergents and water weaken your outer hair layer’s ability to function by reducing components of the natural oil in your skin. This is why we use conditioner to replace what detergents remove. I suggest dry shampoo between washing or using a detergent free shampoo.

If your scalp is suffering from an endless cycle of sweat and shampoo, it’ll be sure to let you know in the form of itchy, flaky skin on the top of your head. Which can also cause dandruff. Your scalp contains many sebaceous glands that produce oil, or sebum, that protects hair. Problems occur when that sebum is lacking.

Dry months, when there’s less moisture in the air, can strip hair and scalp of natural oils, resulting in skin that is sensitive and vulnerable. We need those natural oils to create a barrier, keeping bacteria and toxins out.

So try to hydrate your scalp with oiling and scrubbing your scalp before wash. To get a better result warm your hair oil and then apply it your scalp.

Scalp skin is some of the thickest on the body, and it carries more blood than the rest of your skin. It carries nutrients to your hair follicles, which help support hair structure and growth, break down carbs and fats, moisturise the scalp, and distribute oxygen to the cells.

So keep your scalp protected and hair healthy so you can get away from sweaty scalp and problems.

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