Teespirit launched their newest clothing and presented a “Walking Canvas”!

teespirit and co

Comprising of wearable art, Teespirit launched their recent clothing line presented by a walking canvas in a “Portfolio Night” recently in Karachi.

The event started off with a look into the walking canvas and an opening note from the honorable Anwar Maqsood sharing his thoughts on the event and collection, followed by an introductory speech by Teespirit’s CEO Amna Saeed and a story narration Chakor “A selfless love story” by Ella Hussain.

Teespirit offers a wide range of bold, humorous designs depicting the aesthetics of pure art which leaves a style statement behind. With their newest collection walking canvas, Teespirit unleashes the street style of the city of lights Karachi.

The exhibition will be opened for the masses on the 14th and 15th of May.

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