The detrimental implications of social media.


By: Sheheryar Raza

If generations from the past and generations from the future took a moment to comment on our existence, we would be simply labeled as perhaps the most ignorant of all civilizations to ever exist.

Despite of having access to innumerable clusters of knowledge, humans today spend their living days in ignorance. Deliberate thoughts, actions, and decisions have become ancient liberty, only the ones before us truly enjoyed. The sad reality is, we choose to stay ignorant. Or do we really choose? In this modern world of advancements, we are addicted to constant stimulation. This dopamine we are so addicted to, sends shivers down are spine at the mere thought of deprivation from it.

Bombarded with advertisements and subliminal messages, the decisions we take, the dreams we dream and the desires we have, are no longer our own. We are sold dreams, desires and everything in between.

This sheer ignorance and unrealistic paradigms set by society have become the culprit for our happiness. The potrayal of perfect on social media has made normal seem so boring that the purpose of life has become the pursuit of happiness that can never be achieved.

So naturally, we are bound to question our exsistence by asking some important questions. Are the decisions we take delibrate and intentional? Do we really need what we buy? And most importantly, does our personal definition of success and happiness is something we can cherish on our death beds?

Just like with what we eat, we as individuals need to wary of the content we consume. We our what we do, and we do what we think. Therefore it all starts with a single thought. These thoughts are fostered under the content we consume both deliberately and unintentionally. A conscious more intentional approach towards what we see and we think can bring a massive shift in our lives, only if we truly wish to.

If inaction and unintentional decisions continue to govern us, George orwell’s big brother will be a dire reality in a not so distant future.


Isra Shams

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