Here’s what social media influencers think of the much talked about Surf Excel Ramzan 2021 ad 


As we witness yet another blissful month of Ramzan, this year has its special place as families have become closer especially after the pandemic and how lucky we all are to have survived it. Nonetheless, like every other year, we came across many advertisements on Ramzan but Surf Excel Ramzan’s ad has surely gone viral for all the right reasons if we must say. Keeping in mind the pandemic, the brand has highlighted lives of the elderly & the orphaned and developed the belief of #EkMukammalJahan – staying connected regardless of any relation but humanity and love.


What intrigued us all more was their concept of a ‘home for all’ with its Ramzan campaign. The brand signifies the beauty of having a family regardless of any blood relation but with love, respect and the feeling of content. This was the spark of the ad campaign that won hearts all over social media and which came to a point of discussion for famous social influencers.

Setting up a Zoom call, a group of influencers came onboard to discuss the ad campaign and how such messages should further be portrayed throughout the year. Further commending the brand Surf Excel also for highlighting the bond of a family every year around that always seems to touch the heart of the people at first sight – narrating a message of ‘Neki’ and ‘Ibadat’ for the viewers. Hence, on this note, big names of the media industry were a part of the Zoom session which included; Aamna Isani, Maliha Rehman, Amna Niazi, Momin Ali Munshi,Hunaina Rasool, Faiza Saleem, Daniyal Sheikh, Hassan Choudary, Manahyl Shafiq, and Humna Raza.


Every individual in the Zoom session discussed their thoughts of how Surf Excel has beautifully narrated and expressed the warmth and emotions attached to a human being when it comes to home and family. They discussed the larger picture of humanity that was highlighted in the campaign to sheer perfection and the belief of having someone always around, excluding the feeling of loneliness and being left behind.


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The conversation also drew parallels with the feeling many felt during the pandemic of being stuck at home, isolated either due to contracting COVID-19 or the lockdown.

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The influencers, like so many on the internet, noticed how the music and expressions too have played an important role to make this Surf Excel Ramzan ad shine bright.

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Like each year, Surf Excel aced this Ramzan as well, and like everyone else praising the ad throughout the country, the Zoom session also added to the fact that the campaign is in fact, one superhit way to make us all understand Neki a bit better this month.

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