Cinema owners need to think long term – Shaan Shahid

Cinema owners need to think long-term - Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid is an experienced hand when it comes to movies. His energy is infectious, and he is often considered the most established film-star in and across the border.

Recently in an interview, Shaan opens up about the need to produce good movies and content and how the films need to be entertaining and have a good script backing them up.

“Cinema owners need to think long-term. If Junaid Jamshed has a retail outlet, he doesn’t go and buy clothes from somewhere else and sell them at his outlet. He manufactures the clothes and then sells them. Similarly, cinema is a retail outlet and cinema owners need to become producers. They need to help generate local content so that they don’t remain dependent on Bollywood.”

Shaan is recently working on his upcoming action venture Zarrar, which will be released soon.


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