Habits that make you highly unattractive, according to science

Habits that make you highly unattractive, according to science

There are certain attributes and qualities that make you less attractive or sometimes highly unattractive among people, science has revealed. This is why you must avoid those traits, if you want to become a person that manages to impress many. So, here are the eight habits that make people less attractive, according to science:


As per the researches, stress is one of those indicator that is a complete turn-off when it comes to connecting with people. Increase in stress may cause insomnia, low libido, back pain, irritability, fatigue, and weight gain etc. These all are the factors that make a person less attractive and prevents them from mingling among people.

Being Mean:

People who are mean or in other words often found with straight faced expressions are less liked by the people. Someone who does not care about what people think or do is often neglected when it comes to social gatherings or intimate connections.


Lying is one of those traits that can completely detach you from a person. It is the commonly known fact that nobody wants to be friends with a liar, and even smallest of the lies can be detrimental for any relationship.

Sleep Deprivation:

The more you ignore sleep, the more you are prone to ignore happiness and socialization. There is no doubt that if you are pulling all-nighter, you will extremely be tired the next day and definitely your mood wouldn’t be all that pleasant.


Just like sleep deprivation, laziness is also against the ethics when you meet people and interact with them on daily basis. Lazy people are often conceived as boring by others, which make them less attractive among the masses.



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