The Key to Happiness

blankPeople spend their whole lives chasing happiness. Happiness could be in the form of money for some, love for some, or even material belongings for some people. Humans put in so much effort to obtain these things in the hope of finding happiness but somehow, they still fail to attain it. The ultimate goal is to find peace in life and people feel like happiness is the gateway to a peaceful life. Happiness is just an emotion which comes and goes and can never be long lasting as it is always linked to an external source. One moment you could be the happiest person on earth and the next you could be sobbing your heart out. Emotions come and go but that doesn’t mean your peace should be dependent on them. So, what is it that can bring us eternal peace?


blankContentment. Being content with your life is the sole determinant of how peaceful your life is. Contentment means being satisfied with what life has to offer and what God has blessed you with. If you are not satisfied with what you have at the moment, you won’t be content in life no matter how much you have. Being content does not mean you leave all your ambitions and goals and just be happy with what you. It means being thankful for what you have while striving to achieve more and more in life. It all starts with being grateful to God for all that he has given us.


Salman Masood

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