The Ormara effect


The coastal area of Pakistan is filled with scenic beaches, literally clustered with small beaches. The people of Karachi have always known about sea view and Hawksley. However, within few years, the rise in tourism has encouraged beach enthusiasts to explore more beaches and finally, they have managed to explore the Makran coast. This untapped area is filled with beaches, the kind of beaches we only used to see in movies. But guess what? We have them here on the Makran coast!

We all have heard and probably been to Kund Malir, another untapped place of Pakistan, well not anymore. We now know about Kund Malir, visited the cultural Hingol national park and sadly flocked it, spoiling its beauty. Well, you don’t have to worry because, within 110 Kms, there is another beach. A place that cannot be described in a word. It’s a piece of heaven carefully placed in Pakistan. “Drum rolls” …… it’s Ormara Beach.



Located between Karachi and Gwadar district, Ormara is placed on Makran coastal highway from Karachi it takes around 348 kilometres. I am not going to inform you all of the stuff that’s already on the internet, I would rather tell you my experience at Ormara Beach and why makes it so special. This Beach is not only scenic but trust me it moves an individual intrinsically.

So, if you’re looking for a quick escape for the weekend and cannot afford to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan, this place is for you. A place that is worth it. How does one get to Ormara and gain a lifetime experience? Well, the journey starts from Karachi, literally start from anywhere there is only one route that takes to this beach, the Markan highway. This journey is not easy 8 hours in cars especially in the humid conditions throughout the route. To be honest first 2 hours would be fun, with you and all your friends and family, songs playing and it would seem like a happy ride. Slowly your patience will wear off. As soon as you enter Baluchistan, initially, you would be seeing rugged mountain with minimal greenery, the sky would be clear almost looking like a white wall since there are no clouds to cover the blazing sun, soon the blazing heat will play with your mind and all the excitement you had will slowly decrease and you would only want one thing that is the journey to end and just dive right into the sea.

What I have realized is that from the starting point to the end, the journey can be classified as a game of shadows, a game of hiding and seek. There were moments where you would want to question yourself that why would you even want to come here in the first place and then there will be moments where you would see the distant sea in the middle of the dry weather and heatwave and before even registering the fact that you are almost there, you would say only one thing. It was all worth it.

There you have it a beautiful sea stretching from a starting point to infinity, a sight to sore eyes. A view that literally seems photoshopped but is not. Imagine like this, you standing at a spot, there’s sand there’s blue sea then there is a naturally carved mountain and finally the sky.

The moment you step onto the sand, it feels like you have stepped on a mattress. Literally stepping on its barefoot feels like you are walking on a floor made of a cushion. It’s that soft and moist. What really makes this beach unique is that the sea is not unkind, you will never see any monstrous wave prepping to knock you down of your feet. No matter how deep you go into the sea it will feels like a bath. Soft waves slowing passing you by giving almost massage-like sensations.

Once you have had your time in the sea, it’s time to watch the sunset. It’s not like your regular sunset at the beach, those 30 mins where the sun completely sets has tranquillizing effects. You see waves with a hint of golden colour with shades of blue and grey, the sky turning into a big yellow canvas. In my experience that sunset literally calls you towards it, there is this invisible force attracting you almost calling you by your name to become one with nature, the surrounding sound of waves and people go mute. It’s just you and your eyes locked to the sun. at that moment everything stops and now you know what peace is like. The peace that vanishes your existence from the place.


Well, unlike most beaches, the day doesn’t end at sunset, because the exponential growth of the tourism industry has allowed beach lover to enjoy their trip at night as well. There are proper businesses established to provide premium night stay experience for everyone, if you are an elderly person, you can stay in the cottage with beds and proper washroom or if you are a nature lover and visiting Ormara with your friends you can experience camping too. Beware the con of staying in a camp is you will be seeing few crabs here and there.

Just like sunset, the stary night in Ormara is a unique experience of its own. All the galaxy lovers this is the place for you.


These are all personal experiences you might experience your visit differently. However, just like me, you are not going to put the effect of Ormara in words.


Usman Ghani

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