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The Viral TikTok Foundation Hack

The beauty standards have evolved overtime. And the way people dress up, wear makeup has evolved too. Influencers on instagram and precisely influencers on TikTok share unique kind of makeup trends which go viral. And then their followers who are mostly the Gen Z follow these hacks which are trending all over social media. So now a days TikTok influencers share different kind of videos related to makeup and fashion. Some of them are makeup hacks to get flawless and dewy foundation application to have a smooth skin like finish. But when we hear about the steps to follow it sounds like it wont work and will leave your skin look bad. But when people try those hacks they rave about it. 

The viral TikTok foundation hack is you apply moisturiser first then translucent powder which makes the face matte, and then setting spray which makes your face hydrated, dewy and a bit sticky. And then apply primer and lastly apply foundation. So this hack is all about mixing the steps. The things which are normally supposed to be applied at the end, here we apply in the beginning. 

This hack was shared in February 2020 but it is still trending. It has been shared over 6,000 times by different influencers, bloggers on social media platforms. And the views on these videos are in millions. People shared their reviews after trying out this hack and they love it and the foundation looks flawless and airbrushed. This hack literally changed Gen Z’s foundation routine and now there is no going back. But in a Youtube video of Robert Welsh who is a Pro Makeup Artist confirmed that this is not a new foundation hack, its an old one. And they use this hack while doing makeups on models who have oily skin and this works wonders. It makes the foundation last throughout the events.

It’s a very good hack for people out there having oily skin who complain that their foundation doesn’t last. This viral TikTok hack deserves a try by everyone and see if it works or not. 

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