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The waiting game.

Wait. Waiting for a promotion. Waiting for a raise. Waiting for financial gains. Waiting for an unrequited lover. Waiting for success. Waiting for good things to happen. Waiting for a vacation. Waiting for the one. 

This is how our lives pass us by in a blink of an eye, waiting for something that we aren’t even sure will happen. 

Have we forgotten the true essence of being happy with what we have? Living in the current moment? Making the most of the present rather than fret over the future or worry about the past?

Why is it that we all are caught up in this race, chasing after things we don’t know, wanting what we don’t need, just mindlessly circling around unless something makes sense?

We have lost our true purpose or maybe we are so involved in worldly things, we have forgotten what it is we truly require and what drives our soul and ignites passion within us. 

How many times have you stopped to admire the sky? When was the last time you took a break to just appreciate your loved ones? Tell me, when did you pause to just appreciate nature?

Success is not about money, it’s also about peace. Don’t forget to re align your goals and stay focused. After all, life is too short to lose yourself. Next time you’re rushing, take a step back and just be in the moment. 

Until next time! 

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