The worlds most luxurious living space in the air.

We all have been waiting for something like this with the ultimate in luxury, this is something you would only expect in the finest hotels or traveling by private jet.

The residence by Etihad Airways has everything for you from providing you with a luxury limousine, a private check in lounge and to top it off when you arrive on board you shall be greeted by your personal butler, yes you heard it right your very own butler. He will organize anything and everything you need on board.

This does not end here there is a chef on board who will make you anything and everything you desire to eat whether it be simple or fancy.

Based on a 125 square feet, it is the only three room cabin in the sky. The Residence accommodates one or two guests per cabin. It has been designed by the leading interior designers of the world having the leather of the interior of a Ferrari, a huge double seat sofa with ottoman and what not.

The Residence class from Abu Dhabi to London by Etihad Airways is Rs.1.3 million for a five hours trip and guess what? It has already sold its first ten flights.

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