Theme based restaurants changing Islamabad’s food landscape

Young entrepreneurs have converted youth’s inclination of watching western TV series/seasons into an innovative business idea as the twin cities are witnessing an increase in theme-based restaurants.

With detailed work on aesthetics and matching themes, the owners of these cafes make sure that visitors get the complete environment of their favourite TV shows while eating quality food with friends and family.

Some of these famous restaurants include ‘King’s Landing café’ with the theme of hit American TV series ‘Games of Thrones’, ‘The Smokey Cauldron’ and ‘Café Crossbones’ with the theme of famous fiction series ‘Harry Potter’ while ‘Burnout Restaurant’s’ theme is based on famous film Cars.

Owner of The Smokey Cauldron, Muhammad Haider Khan, told APP that the idea behind this café was to benefit from lack of such theme restaurants.

“We were the pioneer of this trend in the city as we wanted to create a nice place where Harry Potter fans can work on their laptops, maybe read a book and have a mug of coffee”, he added.

Most of the owners of these restaurants were fresh graduate engineers who were unable to find a good job so they put their creativity to good use.

Game of Thrones-themed Café was the creative product of five young graduates, Qasim Bin Tariq, Ali Saif, Moiz Hashmi, Hammad Anwar and Arslan Sajid who graduated from FAST University with engineering degrees.

“We pursued our entrepreneurial venture after realizing that the formula for success is to provide modern-day consumers with a unique experience and memories associated with a product or service,” Qasim said.

He said they did not want to open just another café so they decided to do a experiment in their business with exploring the theme of hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ (GOT).

‘Burnout’ restaurant was also standing out as the first ‘Car themed’ restaurant in Pakistan based on the famous American film Cars.

Talking to APP, the manager of the restaurant said they offered great ambience to their visitors with a unique interior that revolves around different features of the movie.

“We wanted to make sure that being the only car-themed café our visitors can get the feel of their favourite movie franchise’, he added.

Ahmad, one of the visitors at Howdy, a cowboy-themed restaurant in F-7, said that having such creative eateries provide a sense of culture in the city.

“Islamabad may not have its own cuisine but this evolving culture of theme restaurants is serving us well.

They present a lot of option to dine out on weekends in enjoyable ambience with friends and family”, he said.

Being home to a large number of foreign workers and diplomats, this trend in the capital was offering a wide variety of ethnic and foreign cuisines and bringing a refreshing change in the city’s food landscape.


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