Things only Middle children can understand


Here we have a few things you will relate to agar aap bhi eik Middle child hain. Trust me, if you are the middle one sometimes things remain in between for you may be in your favour or not. You’re the older one but you are also the younger one and things become tough. Asan baat nahi hai.

Here is a random list of relatable things a middle sibling goes through everytime!

  • Those random calls for CHAI you get every time.

You become the official chai maker of the family whenever they see you. And that “Eik Cup Chaiiii” calls never end for you.

  • Raise your hand if your parents still call you by the wrong name

“Mera naam ye nahi hai! Kia main adopted hun?”

  • Teachers Compare you with other siblings

“Like brother like sister! Are you real siblings? 

  • You look the eldest

“Oh Please! Ye first hai main second hun..”

  • You are the secret keeper of both sides.

“Gossip alert! You know all the secrets of your siblings and you know the deal then..”

  • Sometimes you feel left out

“Kia main invisible hun? Umm nevermind”

  • Oh wait! It’s never fair


  • You are always in the middle


An that’s how the middle life ends..


Lalain Fatima

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