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Self-discipline: The key to success.

We often believe motivation is key to achieving success, however, I beg to differ. 

One needs self-discipline in life otherwise they will never be in control of what they do. 

• Poor decision making

We make decisions everyday which compound and create our future. Without discipline, we have no control. You are either controlled by your moods and emotions which leads to wrong choices. 

• Inconsistent habits

It takes very little to create bad habits. You are likely to fall victim to your bad habits and success will be out of your reach.

• Unreliable motivation 

If you only work on days you feel motivated, you won’t get very far. 

Success doesn’t happen because of the days you are motivated. It happens to those who work towards it even when they are not

•  Delayed gratification 

Discipline is all about putting in the work even though you may have nothing to show for it. It means making short term sacrifices to focus on long term goals. 

Until next time. 

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