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5 steps to detox your mind

Start unfollowing

Unfollow people who do not make you feel empowered, informed or inspired. 

Start writing

Sometimes you just need to get out what’s on your mind. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and doing a brain dump of all the things you want to complain about or challenges you are struggling with to let it all go and detox your mind from those nagging worries.

Be selectively social

Being socially selective means intentionally keeping your social circle small. Are there any dead relationships in my life that I am holding on to? What aspects of my life can I improve by removing things that isn’t working anymore? 

Remember the big picture

Write down a list ofyour long-term goals. Call it your vision for your life. Reference it often. Keep it in your mind as you’re cycling through your day-to-day tasks.

Acceptance is peace

No amount ofanxiety will change your future, no amount of regret will change your past.

Peace is found in acceptance. Accept imperfection. Accept uncertainty. Accept the uncontrollable. You don’t have to understand, tolerate or even forget something, but ifyou want

peace, you must accept it.

Until next time. 

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