Things to do before you turn 30

  1. Take a solo trip.


In case you’ve always postponed this – then you must surely go for that much-awaited trip now! Post-30s, life changes manifold and you might never again get a chance to hitchhike with strangers and stay with the locals in their homes, drink the local alcohol and celebrate their festivals. Traveling by yourself will definitely push you to get out of your comfort zone, help you discover who you really are and have experiences that you probably wouldn’t have had if you traveled with someone else. It will also give you valuable thinking time, to discover your passion and to walk down the unknown trails with strangers.


  1. Live in a different city, at least once.


It might sound like a difficult deal – but at least once, you should think of moving out and staying in a different city, all by yourself. You can either take up a job in a different city or pursue some course, or just take a break and indulge in doing things you like. You can take up some art lessons or join a music class, go for meetups and workshops. But above all, you’ll learn to make a life of your own. Starting from the morning tea to the dinner – you’ll have to think and plan for everything, which in itself is a task that you need to manage in the most efficient manner. Rest assured, this will make you a more organized and confident person.


  1. Start saving.

blankIt might seem too early to make retirement plans – but there’s no harm in saving early, right? Even if it just $50 a month, doesn’t matter – save that much. Every single penny counts. You don’t know what future has in store for you, hence it is always good to be on the safer side and to have enough money in your bank account, so that, if one fine day there’s a problem, you’ll have enough funds to support yourself. Also, no matter how small it might look now, by the time you’ll hit your 60s, this will turn into a huge amount.


  1. Get rid of your bad habits.

blankYes, I’m serious – before you hit the 30s, it’s important to let go of the bad habits. Whether it’s a poor sleep cycle that you’ve acquired over the years, or it’s your excessive smoking tendency – try to bring some good changes in life by stepping into a healthier way of living. For some people, lying even when it isn’t necessary is a bad habit, while few people just want to poke their nose in other’s business! In case you too have a bad habit and you don’t quit those now, the struggle might get more difficult in the days ahead.


  1. Get involved in a fitness regime.


People who are fit in their later life, are usually the ones who made wiser choices during their teens and twenties! No one’s asking you to hit the gym for sure, but you can do little things on your own. Cut down those extra calories that you’ve been consuming, stop eating out much and try to restrict yourself to a healthier diet on most of the days (occasional indulgence is fine!), go for a run every day without finding excuses and exercise regularly.


Salman Masood

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