Education V/S success

Does education actually play a role in achieving success or not? If yes then how both the things are relatable. Success and education are two different factors apart from each other. Education basically teaches us how to face the challenges that will come our way. It sharpens our mind for our future life. It develops a better version of you. Education teaches us manners and gives us opportunities to explore ourselves. Not only this but it also makes us a better human being. It prepares our minds for future responsibilities. So basically, education is important for our own self.

Now the question arises that is it really important to be educated for being successful? I don’t think so, going back to history many people who are still known for their work didn’t even go to school. Steve Jobs, bill gates, Jan Koum, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others who are now known for their successful life were all college dropouts but they never let interfere with their success from education, they created their names in the history of the world.   outs people in history

How people around you affect your failure or success. I think success is based on three facts fortune, hard work, and faith. A person himself should be positive enough because positivity will only let you see the good things around you.

Coming to the point where education and success are both involved. If you are working hard and devoted to your goal’s things will automatically work. A person’s intelligence level matters a lot. They say “knowledge is the key to success.” What you need is to unlock success with the power of mindset. Always have a strong belief that you can and you will and nothing can stop you then.

Hence it is concluded that success and education are two different factors apart from each other. The more education you get, the more knowledge you get, and the more knowledge you get, the more opportunities you get.


Aleena Salman

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